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“But Jennet I still don’t understand why you can’t stand that guy abi the guy don do you strong thing before?” asked Olivia
“Hahaha!!! My dear I just don’t understand either, the guy just creeps me out” Jennet answered
“I even heard he’s top of his class oh!!!” Olivia said
“Weti come concern me, if he like make him bi bottom of the class, I don’t bloody care” Jennet said in a rather unwanted tone that got Olivia surprised
“Na wa oh, this is even more serious than I thought” Olivia remarked
“Omo I go leave you dey go lecture oh! Will I spend my whole day talking about a guy that creeps me out?” Jennet asked
“Abeg make we dey go before you pour out your frustration on me” Olivia said hastily
Jennet and Olivia have been roommates or what the university students prefer to call ‘roomies’, since their first year in Michael West University and have grown to love each other; they are practically called ‘sisters’ in school because they are always seen together.
“My happiness is that after so much persuasion, you finally agreed to the blind date idea I suggested” Olivia reminded Jennet
“Ah! Do you know that I have forgotten about that date sef! It’s tonight abi?” Jennet asked, sounding rather excited
“Yes oh!”
Jennet was honestly looking forward to that blind date tonight


“Girls for this school dey me make laugh oh” said Pat, a 300level student of chemistry department
“Wetin happen?” asked Jay, a course mate and friend to Pat
“Right in my front, one yeye girl from Botany department poured water on a final year student just because he asked her out” Pat answered
“Eh! Jesus is Lord!” Jay exclaimed
“It was embarrassing na” Pat continued
“Haba but some girls sabi form oh” Jay said
“My brother no bi small forming oh. Anyway shaa that one na talk for another day” Pat said as a knock came on the door
“It should be Oscar, the door is open oh!” Jay screamed
“ My future Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin, how far na?” asked Oscar, a roommate to Jay
“O boy we dey, how far you na, hope sey no girl slap you like wetin happen this morning?” Pat asked
“Omo! You ma sef hear the story too?” Oscar inquired
“The thing happen for my front sef, that girl get liver oh!” Pat continued
“The person I pity sef na the boy wey the thing happen to sef, he no go fit waka around school again oh” Jay teased
They all laughed at Jay’s joke
“Abeg una don prepare anything ni?” Oscar asked
“We just dey enter sef” Pat replied
“Make I go put something for fire. Oscar you for bring that your babe make she come cook for us na” Jay teased
“As wetin? Your personal chef abi?” Oscar fired back
“No vex na but no bi you dey bring her here make come cook for us ni” Jay continued with his teasing
“But wait oh, Jay you no get your own babe wey go come cook for you ni?” Pat asked
“O boy thank you for that question oh” Oscar said laughing
“I no get answer for that” Jay answered craftily
Jay has been having problems finding a girl to date due to the fact that he maintains that a girl is a distraction to his academic career but he seems to be slowly caving in to the pressure from Pat and Oscar.
“O boy I go get you babe whether you like it or not” Pat said emphatically
“Dude I don tell you sey I no wan date at least not now” Jay reminded Pat
“Haba since first year, e never do?” Oscar asked rather shocked
“Make una remove your head for my matter afterall una wey get babe still dey complain abeg I no get time for that wahala now” Jay insisted
“Pat leave am jor, he never jam yet na why he just dey form just wait till him meet babe wey he like na then he go know wetin dey sup” Oscar teased
“No wahala shaa oh! I don arrange babe for you, we dey comot this night and we no dey argue am” Pat ordered as he took his position on the floor waiting for the food
“I second that, las las we go bundle am go meet the babe! We can’t be friends with a Reverend Father abeg” Oscar supported as they both exchanged funny glances
“Chei! I get friends shaa, na una sabi oh! The food don done, if you like come eat” Jay clamped back as he dropped the food

“I’m still wondering why you couldn’t have just dropped the bouquet of flowers at Shatty’s place” said Olivia as looked at Jennet’s hands
“You know this is an important prop for our drama presentation and Prof. Obadimu kept ringing it in my ears that flower arrangement should not be altered, I no want wahala abeg” said a rather perturbed Jennet as she didn’t want to create the wrong impression on whoever the blind date guy is but she couldn’t risk leaving the flowers at Shatty’s place and there was no way they could go back to the hostel without being late for the date.
“Here we are!” Olivia screamed as she approached a certain guy who seemed to have been waiting with someone else
“Hey Pat! Sorry, we are late” Olivia apologized as the other guy who had been receiving a call came close and Olivia screamed
“Hell no! What are you doing here?!” Came Jennet’s voice who without thinking twice took the bouquet of flowers in her hands to hit Jay who happened to be the blind date that had been prepared for Jennet
It may seem as though Jay and Jennet had been a thing in the past

Hope you enjoyed reading this piece?
I can hear whispers that this piece should have continued, well there is a complete novel that has this story in full, so just wait for it!



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