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Being able to revel in one’s physical outlook is truly amazing but with the changing world, less attention is given to the physical look and more to the inner feature. What one is able to produce has become the bane of the day. If physical outlook could beat inner qualities then most humans on earth will not need to strive to get most things.

The fast-changing world works with minds that are creative and innovative, ready to provide problem-solving ideas and techniques that can effect change to one’s nearest environment and the world at large.

The era of “mirror-freaks” is gradually dwindling to the era of “brain-freaks” that have produced minds that have so far seen to communication needs, educational needs, technological needs, and what have you.

Have you ever wondered what need you have met?

What solution have you provided in your number of years here on earth?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, there is absolutely nothing wrong with packaging and giving attention to what your external feature looks like but when you stress over it and make it your centerpiece forgetting that in your own capacity, you are a solution provider and a world changer then it becomes a different thing.

You have the power to effect change to the world you rule over. I know someone is going to ask, ‘what world do I rule over?’. Someone will even go as far as saying, ‘I am only a citizen oh, I haven’t contested for the post of a president’, I trust my Nigerian people shaaaa.

You do not have to be a president before you can effect change and you do not have to be the creator of the world before you can rule over it.

That environment of yours, that workplace of yours, that relationship of yours, that handwork of yours is calling out to you to effect a change and utilize that skill that has been bestowed upon you by Nature. You are a born ruler and a naturally-endowed creator, so use it to your advantage.



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