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Let’s share a bit of Christmas episodes that usually turn up in this period:

So, you know how conservative most mothers tend to be especially when it comes to cooking matters. For instance, most poultry birds can be slaughtered in the market after purchase, just like how a live chicken can be bought and taken to those who will help with the dressing of the chicken to reduce the work for the buyer.
Well, as interesting as this sounds, most mothers still prefer to get their chicken, take it home and kill it themselves or should I say threaten their children to killing the innocent chickens.
Let’s share in this back and forth conversation I had with my amazing mum during this festive period where we had to slaughter a fowl:


“I think this chicken is intelligent oh!” My mum screamed as she tried to tie the chicken legs back together
“Hahaha! Mum, how can you even say that?” I asked my mum still laughing at her earlier statement
“Haven’t you noticed how the chicken keeps using its beak to loosen the rope I tied round its legs?”
“And so?”
“This girl sef! It’s only a chicken that has been worked on in a lab that can do that”
“Ah! Mummy, this is what happens when you join your children in watching foreign movies”
“Shebi when I tell you people to put it in African Magic Epic or Rok station, you refuse so I have no option but to watch your movies”
“Hahaha! I have to ban you from watching those movies with us before you experiment with me one day”
“At least I know now that chickens can be experimented on to the extent that they are sensible enough to cut ropes used to tie their legs with their beaks”
“Mum don’t believe everything you watch on tv”
“That one concern you, we have a more important issue on ground biko”
“Which is?”
“Who is going to kill this wise chicken? As you already know we are the only ones at home as your brothers have gone to their grandma’s farm to get firewood”
“So mummy, what are you saying?”
“I killed chicken last year, it is your turn, you need to start the process of becoming a full-fledged woman?”
“By killing wise chickens?”
“Mummy, I have told you to be killing these chickens you buy in the market na, there are people who do these things”
“Yes na”
“So that I will eat dirty chicken abi?”
“Dirty chicken”
“Of course”
“I don’t get”
“Do you know how the chicken will be killed over there? Or the water that will be used to wash it”
“You can still come back home and re-wash all you want mum”
“With all the diseases and viruses running naked in the world, I think I will pass biko”
“But mummy I can’t kill chicken na”
“I have chicken phobia”
“Oh! I see!”
“Yes mum”
“Let me understand something biko; this phobia eh, is it just for the killing of the chicken abi for the eating”
“Ah! Mummy, it’s just for the killing. I love eating my chicken”
“So you can eat it but you can’t kill it. Ngwanu, come and start going to the market to get cow meat, at least in that one you don’t have to worry about killing the cow since it has been killed already, we will keep the chicken in a cage and start rearing it for commercial purposes then”

I can imagine there are interesting Christmas episodes that goes on in various families probably episodes similar to that of my mum and I. You can share your amazing episodes in the comment section and I will be sure to respond


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