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So, continuing from our last piece;

There are certain factors to take into consideration while deciding to move especially if it has to do with an environment that made a positive impact on you like in my own case. Having focused on two factors in our earlier post, if you haven’t seen the first part, just click on the link below:

We are going to be starting with number three since we have numbers one and two in our previous post.

The next factor to consider is;

You have mapped out the reasons why you need to relocate and you are sure that they are positive moves that will take you on a progressive movement. Well, what are you waiting for? Be intentional by actually moving! Take that bold step and MOVE!

An intentionality to move

I can remember how I had kept postponing my decision to move and ended up spending an extra year in the North when I could have moved to the East a year ago. When I eventually weighed my options, I got a ticket that same week and moved that same week and the rest is history. We already established that relocating can be emotionally draining especially if you have formed amazing relationships in the city you are relocating from but being intentional about your decisions void of sentiments will help a lot. That doesn’t mean you should become stone cold overnight, hahahaha!

This is actually the final stage of your relocation process and the most important stage. This stage will determine if the last three factors were actually worth it. Starting your new journey will mean that you would have gotten your bus/flight/train or any means of transport ticket that you would want to use to travel.

Start as soon as you can, don’t let anything stop you

Taking a page from my relocation story, I had to get my bus ticket days before leaving and stamped on my reminder calendar that I had on my wall to constantly remind me of my trip and there was no way I was changing my mind even if I wanted to because that would mean that I wasted so much money of which I couldn’t be refunded. Imagine a journey that would take you through five states all the way from Gombe State to Abia State, trust me, that is a whole lot when you think about it, that is like leaving one geographical zone to another. So, yeah, I had to be constantly reminded that there was no going back, hence, the bus ticket. Eventually, make your trip, get settled in, in your new place and develop ways to find joy in what you do. It had taken a while before I could finally adjust to my new environment; I remembered how writing kept me sane not because I was insane, hahahaha! But I needed a new mental faculty to be created to accommodate the new people I was going to work with, the new environment, the new workload of course and everything that represented newness at that point to me but it was important that I started my journey so that I wouldn’t find a reason to be limited in my skills or social functions.

You might want to ask how the journey has been so far.
Well, it has been amazing!
Of course, I miss the life I had in Gombe State but this new reality of mine has opened me up to different opportunities on all spheres and given me a new form of strength.

So, Unbreakies, move if you wanna move but make sure to enjoy every part of the moving!

Hope this piece helps someone out there! Thanks for visiting my blogspace!

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