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So, it’s been a little over a year since I relocated from the North-eastern part of Nigeria (Gombe State) to the South-eastern part of Nigeria (Enugu State). Dating from the day I made the decision to move till when I eventually moved, a lot has actually happened and I would say it was somewhat of a bittersweet experience.

You might be wondering why my relocating had such a bittersweet feel to it, well let’s get into it…
Relocating had been something I had been thinking about for a while considering that I have been in the North for such a long time. The total number of years that I had spent in the North including my years as an undergraduate in the University at Nasarawa State would be seven years. It would have been four years if NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) had not posted me back again to carry out my one year compulsory service that every young person had to do immediately after his or her university education here in Nigeria; even though I had secretly hoped to be posted somewhere close to home but I guess Nature had other plans for me.

The initial plan had been to apply for relocation on getting to the orientation camp in Gombe State but my entry into the State changed all that as I saw more reasons to want to learn about new people, new culture and new ways of life different from what I am used to. Considering the kind of person that I am, I knew my adventurous side would cave in and it eventually did.

My service year eventually came to an end and as usual, everybody wanted to go back home but not me. I ended up staying two more years and met the most amazing individuals who became like family to me.

Now, this is where I tell you about the bittersweet feel of my relocating process…
Remember how earlier on, I pointed out that I enjoyed experiencing new culture and new people. Well, I did get to meet new people in Gombe State and with time, they became more than just friends but family. You know it’s amazing how you can get so attached to someone and not want to get detached from them especially when you have been through some difficult situations together and came out stronger than before. Not everybody that I met in Gombe State gave me a reason to want to stay back but certain persons did and I still think about them till date, hoping that some event or huge business deal takes me back to the North but certainly I will be back there.

Now, moving away from all the mushy squishy part of this piece, let’s delve into the real deal. A few months after I had relocated back to the East, some persons who were a bit younger than I am, approached me and wanted to know how I handled the whole relocation process. At that point, I did realize that a lot had happened after I had gotten back. While telling these youngsters my story, I began to realize that a lot of persons had to hear this or rather read this because it could be helpful or inspire someone’s next step.

You need to realize that no one wakes up one morning and decides to relocate unless he or she has been planning to because there is a whole lot to relocating. For many, the idea of relocating can be exciting while for others, it could be stressful and depressing like it was for me. So, it is important to make sure you are ready for the whole process before venturing into it.

Now, let’s go through some tips that could help with your relocation process:



Like I wrote earlier, you need to be sure you are ready for the whole relocation process before venturing into it because there is a lot that comes with one having to move from a particular environment that you have been able to align yourself with to another that might be totally alien to you or familiar.

Unpreparedness in Relocating Can Be Draining

Funny enough, it is not just about being physically ready to move but all other aspects that might include mentally, financially, emotionally and otherwise
I remembered in the year of 2020, when I had started playing around with the idea to relocate, I realized I was physically ready to move but emotionally, I wasn’t. One point, while I was packing, I didn’t even realize I was crying because my emotional tank was so full and I had let it get to a point where I was allowing myself bask in it when I should have let it out. I ended up not moving that year till 2021.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should let your emotions get in the way of life-elevating decisions or allow your emotions dictate to you what to do. It is pertinent that as an individual, you have the emotional intelligence to handle what coms with whatever decisions you make. Most persons end up moving and become emotionally depressed in their new environment and you keep asking why. Well, they weren’t ready even though they looked ready. So, it’s important to be ready on all spheres no matter how insignificant that part of your life might be.



There has to be a reason for why you want to move and it has to be positively geared at elevating you beyond where you are currently. This will help you weigh your options and not leave you in regrets. A lot of persons have taken the decision of moving from where they were to somewhere different only to regret it. So, you have to really put your reasons into prospective so that you don’t leave a high-beneficial place for a low-beneficial place.
Your reasons could vary from better professional opportunities, money-making ventures, international connections and the likes.

Relocation Drills

As for me, I had a better professional opportunity and interestingly, it’s a position I have been vying for, for the longest time. Not just that, it is a professional platform that gives me the opportunity to exercise my innate passion for writing and being creative. So, of course, that was a propeller to move, plus, it came with a bigger pay.
I know some persons are itching to know where I work but I ain’t spilling, hahaha!

We will continue with more tips that could help with your relocation process in our next piece, so make sure to keep up with this space!

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