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It’s almost getting to a year that the State of Nigeria experienced what was referred to many as a “Black Night”. Till today, many Nigerians are yet to recover from that ordeal but it seems like time have passed and life goes on but the memories linger and hurts deeply especially for the percentage of those that lost dear ones on this very night.

This is just a subtle reminder that the fight of these ones have not been forgotten.



Immensely, I strive

Only to fall to a deprive

By the one who promised to protect

Not infect

And tag me what I am not because of who I am


Walking the streets

Have given me fits

Not of strength

But of pain length

That has made me street-phobic


Am I suppose to relent?

And be bent?

By my own sanity

Because I live in prosperity

Who made you the watchdog of my success heights?


I was slapped by my boldness

Because my breakthrough became my weakness

Onto a path that preaches; “flashiness is evil”

When I am already faced with the devil

In uniforms still coloured black


If I sit

I get beat

If I stand

I get banned

Therefore I offend the system




Written by Unbreakable

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