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Unbreakable has decided to share an inspiring truth hoping it uplifts someone from a past pain or trauma. Enjoy this life_inspiring piece…

When the name “Unbreakable” popped up on my short stories and poetic pieces that were publicized back in the university, lots of people kept asking me what was behind the name “Unbreakable”. I had adopted the name as my Pen_Name with which I used as an end signature in my poems and short creative pieces. The name soon became what people preferred to call me by including my professors in school till now. It became an identity, a personality that defined the bearer and somewhat of a shield from nonsensical vibes. But what people wanted to know was why of all names in the world, it had to be “Unbreakable”. I remembered how Jr Immanuel ,  a longtime friend of mine, would not let me rest about it till he got tired of asking.

Christmas came early for you buddy, so let’s read a bit of a story first….

A man in his late forties just recently got promoted and of course it came with an increment in his salary. With his new position and income, he decided it was time to get a car as he didn’t have one and he was getting tired of the so frustrating Lagos traffic that could even start as early as 5am in the morning. Eventually, he got the car but still couldn’t find his way around the steering wheel, so he got himself a driver who in the soonest of time became a good friend of the family. Mummy obviously took a liking to him, the children were so comfortable with him as he always bought biscuits whenever he comes around.
With time, he became a favourite of the house that even when daddy wasn’t around probably on a business trip where he didn’t need the services of a driver, you would see Uncle driver in the house.
So, on an August Tuesday Morning when Mummy had gone to market, daddy had travelled as usual, it was just big brother and kid sister left in the house. It was the long holidays so there wasn’t school for anyone and going for holiday lessons wasn’t an option then, if you know what I mean.
“Kpom! Kpom!! Kpom!!! Came the knock on the door
“Who is it?” Big brother had asked
“Don’t you know my voice again?” Came the voice of their favourite unbiological uncle
“Yeeeeeehhhhh!!! Uncle have come” were the voices of the children who had grown fond of their daddy’s driver
“How are you children?” Asked Uncle driver
“We are fine”
“That’s good, so where is mummy?”
“She went to the market”, came the response of the teenage boy who was busy looking around Uncle Driver’s hand for anything interesting that will solve the tremblings of his mouth
” What are you looking for young man” asked Uncle Driver who seemed to have noticed what the young boy was doing
“Ahhhhh!!! Uncle you didn’t bring anything today for us”
“Hahahahahaha!!! You like biscuit more than your little sister oh”
“No oh! Uncle, you are lying, I like biscuits more than my brother oh!” Came the voice of little Chi who everyone thought had been watching Dexter’s Lab which was her favourite cartoon because she wanted to be like Didi when she grew up, Hahahahahaha!!! Only people that watched that cartoon will understand who Didi is.
“Uncle, shebi you see, once she hear biscuits, she will leave cartoon and follow you. So tell me who likes biscuits more now”
“Hahahahahaha!!! These children will not kill me” that was Uncle Driver laughing at the children’s attempt to get him to buy them biscuits and it worked cause in the next few seconds he was dipping his hand in his pocket and giving the teenage boy money to buy both sweets and biscuits. Big brother left in a flash to get the goodies.
Well and they were two left in the house, just Uncle Driver and little innocent Chi who just wanted big brother to come back fast with her own share of the sweets and biscuits. She will just have to wait a bit. In the meantime, Uncle Driver had changed seat location and position and was beckoning on little Chi to come close. Of course, little Chi went close to Uncle Driver because she knows Uncle Driver will never hurt her. He is the one that tells her stories of lion and the hare and brings her sweets and biscuits almost everyday when daddy is around. Little Seven year old Chi moves closer to Uncle Driver and even sits comfortably on his laps and keeps watching Dexter’s Lab as Dexter chases Didi all over the house for entering his lab and mixing up the wrong chemicals that blew up his lab, hahahahahaha!!!
“Chi, are you enjoying the cartoon?” Asked Uncle Driver
“Yes I like Didi”
“Her hair is long, she has long legs, she can jump and she is very pretty”
“Hahahahahaha! Is that why you like her?”
“Uncle, why are you laughing?”
“Nothing Chi, oya, sit like this”
“Like this?”
“Yes like that”, Uncle Driver had said that like she had sat on the exact spot he wanted her to and he seemed to be enjoying the way she kept jumping and sitting back on him whoever she was excited about Did I
“Uncle, I want to go and drink water”
“No, wait first, sit very well here”
‘But Uncle……” She got shocked when Uncle Driver suddenly took his hand in between her legs and held on to her
“Relax you hear” Was the voice of Uncle Driver who now suddenly stood up and placed little Chi on the cushion with her legs wide open
“Uncle, this thing is paining me…ahhhhh!!! Was the voice of Little Chi who was already writhing from pain of what Uncle Driver whose duty was to drive her daddy around was doing to her
“Just small you hear”
Uncle kept doing weird and unimaginable things to Little Chi. She didn’t know what was happening. She just knew she didn’t like it and wanted Uncle Driver to leave her alone.
Few minutes later, big brother was back but Little Chi wasn’t watching TV anymore, she was inside the room lying down on the bed looking like she had eaten the shit of a dog
“Chi, you are not watching Dexter’s Lab again?” Came the voice of big brother who was ignorant of what had happened but was quite surprised Chi will be inside sleeping when Didi was on TV. She kept looking at her brother but said nothing
“Oya take your sweets and biscuits”
“I don’t want” finally came the voice of Little Chi who wasn’t angry neither was she happy. She just wasn’t talking much
“What’s wrong Chi?” At this point, big brother was confused but he still was just a teenager not sure how to act at all
“Is Uncle still here?” Asked a rather disturbed little girl who was peeping through the curtains to see if the uncle she had trusted so much but had just tormented her few minutes ago was still around.
That was the last time Uncle Driver ever came to the house. Daddy suddenly didn’t need his help driving him around anymore. Mummy was worried that Little Chi wasn’t eating much anymore. She wasn’t watching Didi anymore, she lay down a lot these days looking at the ceiling, she screamed a lot in her sleep and kept shouting “leave me alone” whenever she had nightmares.
Family doctor recommended an easy therapy session for Little Chi that helped her get back to normalcy for a whole year. She had missed a whole academic session because for some reason she couldn’t socialise anymore except with big brother.
Till today, Little Chi doesn’t have an idea what was done to her by Uncle Driver all she knows is that as a little girl she trusted an unbiological Uncle who broke her trust. But she broke through the pain, trauma and hurt that nearly defined for a year. Today, she is a “walking_talking_moving_miracle” that allows nothing hinder her from achieving the greatness that her Unbreakable_Jah has destined for her.

One trauma was all it could have taken to break her spirit but today she is UNBREAKABLE

Don’t ask me whose story this is, this could be anybody’s story or tale but it is aimed at making you realize you are stronger than that pain or trauma so rise high above it and be the “Beautiful_Strong_Determined_Version_Of_You”

Hope you were inspired?


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  1. Such an amazing Inspiring read
    Strength is a beautiful thing

  2. This is for a lucky “Unbreakable Reader”

    16287228150264436 (MTN USER)

    Please don’t forget to comment a “thank you” message if you are the lucky one

  3. Thank you

    1. Wow!!!
      Leader of the FYG
      Congratulations Darling

  4. I must thank you for the efforts youve put in penning this site. I am hoping to check out the same high-grade blog posts by you in the future as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my very own blog now 😉

  5. You made some good points there. I looked on the web for additional information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this site.

    1. Thanks Dear
      Duly appreciated

  6. My darling Unbreaky, your testimony really touched me. I am so so so sorry this happened, but my comfort is in the following verse: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
    ” Romans 8:28 KJV
    Jesus has turned everything around and I marvel at the beautiful, confident, creative and extremely gifted young woman He has turned you into despite the trauma of the past.
    Always let what God’s Word says about you define you and not your
    past experience(s).
    You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus, and I trust that as you point people to Jesus, you will be a channel for others to receive salvation, healing and divine help.
    God bless you dear. Love you🙏❤️🥰😘

    1. Wow!!!
      Thank you so much dear
      I do appreciate
      Definitely, our stories shall be an amazing instrumentation to depict who Christ is

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